Who we are…..

Steadfast Television was set up in November 2005. Since its launch, the Company has consistently attracted top creative talent and produced high quality programming. Steadfast is now positioned as one of the best resourced factual specialists in the UK, with a vibrant development pipeline and a stand alone production unit.

Steadfast Television was founded by amongst others Charles Thompson, formerly of The Television Corporation plc. Charles, Chief Executive of Steadfast, was Managing Director of the TVCorp subsidiary, Mentorn. He also founded the PLC’s popular factual offshoot, Folio.

Since its inception, Steadfast Television has become one of the UK’s fastest growing independent production companies, with more than 100 hours of programming already in production or on air.

With a focus on popular factual, popular science, factual entertainment and the creation of global formats, Steadfast works with a wide range of broadcast partners including the BBC, ITV, Five, National Geographic US Channel, Discovery Canada and Discovery Europe.

Our Producers’ combined credits include Paradise Hotel, Traffic Cops, Cutting Edge, Robot Wars, Tsunami Soccer Aid, Earthshocks, Who Framed Kate Moss? and many more.

Steadfast has already had a number of factual peaktime hits – with the police helicopter action series Sky Cops, now in its second season for BBC One. Cars Cops and Criminals, and CCTV: you are being watched and ID Fraud: they stole my life were also commissioned for BBC1. Send in the Dogs for ITV1 has recently shown a continuation of Steadfast’s high terrestrial ratings. Currently airing we have UK Borderforce on BBC1, Doctors and Nurses at War on ITV1 and Brit Cops: Frontline Crime on Bravo.

Steadfast has also cornered a market in popular science programming, with four hours of Earth Shocks for National Geographic US Channel, Discovery Canada and UKtv and three more hours in production. Discovery Canada and National Geographic have also recently ordered a six-part action adventure series Salvage Code Red, about the work of international salvage companies on the high seas.

Steadfast’s first factual production for ITV1, Fans United, a popular documentary series about football fans around the world, ran for nine weeks and was repeated on ITV2. The series was shot in Britain, Germany, Russia, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Argentina.

The growing slate of programming is distributed by its sister company, Steadfast International, which has sold content to over 150 networks worldwide in just two years since its launch in August 2006.

Steadfast International's team of highly experienced television sales executives focuses on worldwide distribution, pre-sales and co-production activities of both in-house and third party productions. Recent third party content on sale includes WTFN’s Bondi Vet and Sudden Impact series.

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